Specific steps need to be taken when moving your website to prevent impacts to its search engine ranking. Contact Epic Web Results for help smoothly migrating your site.

Specific steps need to be taken when moving your website to prevent impacts to its search engine ranking. Contact Epic Web Results for help smoothly migrating your site.

Migrating a website to a new URL (address) or a new infrastructure needs to be carefully done in order to prevent any negative impacts to the site’s ranking in search engines. Also referred to as a site transfer, a site change or a site migration, a site move usually proceeds in one of two different manners:

  • A site move that does not involve a change of the URL
  • A site move that involves a change of the URL

In this two-part blog, we’ll provide a simplified overview of both types of site moves, according to the guidelines set forth by Google webmasters. If you need assistance migrating, optimizing and/or redesigning your website, contact Epic Web Results.

Site Moves When No URL Changes Are Involved

When the URL will not be changed as part of the site move, the site’s address will stay the same while the underlying infrastructure of the site will be changed because, for instance, there is a new hosting provider. The general steps for this type of site move are as follows:

  1. Develop a new hosting infrastructure – In other words, create a functional copy of the site to be moved, and test the new site to verify that it works as it should. As part of this process, all of the site’s pages, images, forms, downloadable files, etc. should be reviewed to ensure they appear and work properly.
  2. Initiate the site move – Once the new site has been verified to be properly working, the site move can take place.
  3. Monitor the site’s traffic – As the site move occurs, the site’s traffic should be carefully monitored so that any possible problems with the site or the move can be immediately detected and corrected.
  4. Cease old hosting – After the site move has occurred and the traffic to the old provider has hit zero, the prior hosting infrastructure should be shut down to complete the site move.

Don’t miss the second part of this blog for an overview of how site moves should be carried out when URL changes are part of the process.

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