Conversion rates and, ultimately, profits are among the two most important SEO metrics, as they define how successful a website is at growing a business.

Conversion rates and, ultimately, profits are among the two most important SEO metrics, as they define how successful a website is at growing a business.

Concluding the three-part blog Six SEO Metrics That Matter¸ the following discusses the fifth and sixth SEO metrics that are important for business owners to understand. After all, by analyzing these metrics, you may be able to make powerful changes to your website that can effectively help grow your business and profits.

  • Metric 5: Conversions – Conversion refers to the ability to get an Internet user to respond to your specific call-to-action (whether that be to buy your product, sign up for a newsletter, set up a consult with your staff, etc.). One of the main goals of having a website is, after all, getting users to respond in some way to your business, and knowing how effective your content is at generating this conversion is crucial to helping you know when you may have to make some changes.When looking at conversion rates, you may be able to pinpoint the page or area in which users stop following your call to action, and this can indicate where you may need to make content or design changes to help continue promoting users to completing the process necessary to commit to your call to action.
  • Metric 6: Profits – At the end of the day, businesses operate to make profits, and a website for that business should be doing its part to promote this goal. This means that, when looking at all of the SEO metrics that matter, it’s crucial that you use these results to determine what changes need to be made to increase your customer or client base and gain the necessary edge over your competitors.While this can mean, in some cases, optimizing the pages on your website for a specific target location (like, for instance, focusing on Denver instead of Colorado as a whole), it may also require that you choose some specific products or services to target (such as, for example, DUI defense as opposed to criminal law in general).

The overall theme that business owners should keep in mind as they regularly review important SEO metrics is that these evaluation tools should be used to continually refine their website so that their business can stay relevant and competitive in the online market.

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