Concluding the three-part blog Tips on How to Improve Your Calls-to-Action, the following are some final notes on how to design your website’s calls-to-action so that they are effective at turning Internet users into new customers and clients. When developing these CTAs: 

  • Link them to specific landing pages – Think of effective CTAs as a funnel that guides Internet users to your business. If your CTA is compelling enough for users to click on it, then make sure that the page that is linked to the CTA is a specific landing page that will, in effect, close the deal and get the user to follow through with the action in question. If you don’t link your CTA to a specific landing page and, instead, link to your home page or another general page, you effectively make your CTA impotent because you have not only confused the user but also likely lost his business.
  • Limit the number of CTAs on any given page – A good rule of thumb here is to have no more than two calls-to-action on any given page (though, keep in mind, having one effective CTA can be better than having two watered down ones on a page). Including any more than two CTAs can be distracting and a turn off, as users will feel bombarded with sales-type pitches.
  • Regularly update the CTAs on your website – It’s a good idea to redesign and update the calls-to-action on your website every few months or so to keep them fresh. Users who may revisit your website and who see the same CTAs there time after time will become immune to them, will overlook them and will likely never respond to them (which essentially defeats their purpose).
  • Avoid using complicated animations in your CTA – With many users accessing your website from mobile devices (like their smartphones or tablets), your site’s calls-to-action need to be appealing in various formats. Using complicated animations (like Flash) can hinder the appeal of a CTA on mobile devices because such design elements can increase download times, which will frustrate users and increase the likelihood that they will click off your site and look to your competitors’ sites.

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