When discussing content for websites, written copy on a published page may be the first thing you think of. However, visual content in the form of videos can be as – if not more – compelling than written words, and when this videos are properly optimized, having them on your website can be extremely beneficial in terms of:

  • Your site’s overall optimization and rankings in search engines
  • Your site’s ability to connect with online users
  • Your site’s ability to convert these users into new business leads.

To help you get the most out of your video content, in this three-part blog series, we will take a closer look at some helpful tips for video SEO. If you are ready to develop optimized videos for your website – or if you need any assistance developing or maintaining your website, the trusted industry professionals at Epic Web Results are ready to help you. Contact us today for a free quote for your website and Internet marking needs.

Helpful & Effective Video SEO Tips

Tip 1 – Provide your target audience with useful info in your videos.

First and foremost, when it comes to putting videos up on your business’ website, these videos should provide some useful info to the people that regularly visit your site and who would be your target audience/client base. If you are having trouble finding the right topic to be the focus of videos for your site, some possible ideas that can provide value to users include:

  • How-to videos
  • Short interviews with you/your staff
  • Videos that answer FAQs about your business or industry (or a video for each of the top 3 most frequently asked questions regarding your business/industry).

Tip 2 – Create a video library or gallery.

Once you have a few videos for your business’ website, creating a video library or gallery where all of these clips are centrally located can be further beneficial – both in terms of optimizing your website and in terms of the user experience. When developing a video library, here are just a few important things to keep in mind:

  • Having a search function for your video library can be extremely helpful, especially if you plan on adding videos on an ongoing basis.
  • Categorizing and tagging each of your videos is another way to it more convenient for users (and search engine algorithms) to browse this content.

Tip 3 – Don’t forget about the meta data for your videos.

Similar to written content for your website, video content should have appropriately completed meta data in order to get the most out of this content. What this means is that, for each video posted on your website, it’s crucial to compete at least the following:

  • Title tags – While these tags should conform to the necessary character limits (with these limits usually being around 70 characters or so), they should also be written to clearly explain the content of the video.
  • Meta descriptions – Meta descriptions offer more of an opportunity to describe a video’s content. These descriptions can also be written with a little market-ese, as they will usually be what appears in search engine results (and, therefore, can entice or turn off users from clicking on your video content).
  • Keyword fields – This field should include the appropriate keywords or keyword phrases pertaining to a given video, and it’s usually a good idea to limit this to handful of phrases (at most).

Tip 4 – Consider posting transcriptions of the video content.

Transcribing the content of a video can be a relatively easy and very powerful way to optimize that video, particularly if the video content is not ranking well in search engines. With this tip for video SEO, there are a few ways to implement it, including (but by no means limited to) by:

  • Putting the transcript immediately below the video content – The text can even be hidden by a “Read the Transcript for this Video” button below the posted video.
  • Writing up the transcript as a blog piece – With this option, you can link the blog back to the video, creating another way for users to get to your video content.

Tip 5 – Maximize your videos’ exposure through social media.

Once you’ve developed a catalog or library of videos for your website, a relatively easy and effective way to maximize their exposure and/or distribution is to regularly post shorter videos in your various social media accounts. In fact, by posting your videos (or links to them) in your business’ Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media accounts, you may be able to:

  • Attract new potential traffic to your site
  • Entice your online social media “followers” or “friends” to share your videos, which can exponentially increase their exposure and distribution at very little effort (and no cost) to you.

Here, we also want to point out that how you post these videos to your social media accounts matters. For instance, consider posting these videos with a “hook” – like a question that may be answered in your video, rather than just slapping up a link to your video without any explanatory or intro text.

Tip 6 – Track the success of your videos.

As with any content on your website, tracking success rates to see what videos are more or less viewed (and/or shared) by your users can help you better understand:

  • The subjects and topics may be more important or compelling to your users
  • What video formats are more or less successful
  • What you should keep in mind for the future as you continue to make videos to post on your website.

Tip 7 – Continue adding video content on an ongoing basis.

Making it a habit to regularly add new videos to your website – just as you, hopefully, are also regularly adding new written content to your website – can be crucial to the continued optimization and success of your site.

So, think about what makes sense in terms of your budget (and time), and try to commit to adding a new video to your site once a week, once a month or on some other regular schedule.

Habitualizing the development and addition of new video content to your website can help you realize the most benefits from your video SEO efforts.

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