In the not so distant past, search engine optimization (SEO) was all about how many keywords you could stuff onto a page. It seemed to matter very little if the content made much sense or was useful to viewers or not as Google and other search engines seemed to rate pages high that had the right keywords stuffed onto them. Thankfully, those days are gone as SEO now relies on providing users with quality content. Here are some ways to develop quality content that helps your company get to the first page.

Solicits Links

One of the ways that delivering quality content helps with SEO is that it causes others to want to link to your site. Then, when Google crawls your site and sees those links, they know that they need to check out your content as the quality page where your link appears has shared some of its good reputation with your site. Content Marketing Institute says that when thinking about content marketing, it might be helpful to ignore keywords altogether. Keywords aren’t dead, but simple keyword use has given way to more complex SEO principles. In addition to helping strengthen your site’s SEO, this is a great way to introduce others to your site when they follow a link from a site that they already trust.


Grows Relevancy

Quality content is relevant content as it helps customers solve real-life problems. It is in the search engine’s best interest to send their users to sites that they feel will be most helpful. Therefore, they naturally rank these sites higher, and the result is that you get more organic traffic.

More Likely to Be Found on Google’s First Page

It used to be that search engine result pages(SERP) were filled with ten links pointing users to relevant content. Those days are seemingly gone. Today, it is important to have your information appear in other places on SERP pages. There are more options than ever before to have your information appear depending on the type of content you are providing. Your site’s content may appear as a featured snippet, in a Twitter carousel, in a news feed, in a roundup of images, in local packs and in many other places. You can count on a certain percentage of people following each of these driving more sales to your site.


Builds Brand Authority

Delivering quality content on a regular basis helps to build your brand’s authority. Search engine companies naturally want to send their viewers to sites that they know they can trust. As your site rises through the ranks, viewers start to view your content as being more trustworthy and authoritarian. Therefore, they are more likely to want to do business with your company.


Creates a Complete Picture

One of the ways that quality content helps your SEO is that when you produce great content about a variety of topics related to your niche market, then you have a more complete site and Google normally ranks it higher. SEO speaker Dave Davies suggests that one way that you can make sure to cover all possible topics is to create a spreadsheet and start writing questions related to your keywords. Then, start answering those questions on your website.


There are many different ways to approach the question of how quality content impacts your site’s SEO. Start with these ideas and use your creativity to produce great content regularly.