Continuing from Attorney Mobile Websites: 7 Design Elements for Success (Pt. 1), here we will continue to discuss some of the key design features that can make attorney mobile websites successful and engaging.

More Design Features for Engaging Attorney Mobile Websites…

3. Keep the design simple.

Keeping the design simple so people can quickly find the info they need is critical to developing an engaging, successful attorney mobile website.

Keeping the design simple so people can quickly find the info they need is critical to developing an engaging, successful attorney mobile website.

Whether people are using smartphones, tablets or other mobile devices to access your attorney mobile website, the fact is that the screen will obviously be smaller than a desktop screen, so too many design features on any given page will:

  • Quickly clutter the page (and could even make it take longer for a given page to load)
  • Likely frustrate users who are looking for information and want immediate responses
  • Increase the chances that people will click off of your attorney mobile website and look to one of your competitors.

Therefore, limit the design elements on your home page, as well as all of the other pages of the website. Only include elements that are essential for navigation, and make sure the navigation menus and processes are as streamlined as possible. It’s important to point out here that you can always add a link that allows people to click through to a “standard” website if they need more info.

4. Don’t forget the context.

Remembering why people would look up your firm on a mobile device will be important as you make decisions regarding the design of your attorney mobile website. The fact is that people use their mobile devices for Internet searches while they are on the go. So, think about why someone on the go would need you and your services.

For instance, if your law firm handles car accident cases, having an attorney mobile website that allows people to easily contact you while they may be stranded on the side of the road after an accident can be critical to your mobile website design.

The bottom line with this point is that keeping the context in mind should help you put yourself in users’ shoes so you can make design choices that will benefit them.

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