Link building is a cornerstone of search engine optimization (SEO), as it can help establish the authority and context of a website. Just how that link building is done, however, can have big impacts on the success of a site, and using the right tactics will be critical to making it onto page one of SERPs – and staying there.

Below, we’ll reveal a handful of essential link building tactics that can generally be useful in optimizing sites. When you are ready, however, to implement an effective link building strategy tailored to your site and business, contact the professionals at Epic Web Results.

Essential Link Building Tactics

1 – Create internal links on your site.

These link building tactics are crucial to optimizing sites and improving their rankings. Contact Epic Web Results for the best Internet marketing solutions.

These link building tactics are crucial to optimizing sites and improving their rankings. Contact Epic Web Results for the best Internet marketing solutions.

A great foundation for link building on your site is your own quality content. So, take a look at the pages, blogs, articles, videos and other posts on your website and start figuring out where it would make sense to link between them. Think about the user when doing this and what would make sense to you if you were visiting the site for the first time.

Here, we want to point out that, if your site is not populated with quality content to create this type of linking, it’s probably a good idea to:

  • Take a step back.
  • Identify the poor-quality content.
  • Replace it with well written, unique, high-quality content before starting the linking process.

2 – Link out to relevant sites/content.

Internal links on your site will only go so far. They should generally also be supported by linking out to other authorities (and who these authorities are will depend on your business/industry). Commonly, however, industry leaders, government authorities and established publications can be good places to link to.

3 – Make it convenient and beneficial to link to your site.

In other words, make sure your site is populated with original, high-quality content that is well written. With your site serving as a source of useful, interesting and quality content, it can position you as an authority, making it appealing for others to link to you.

Here, we also want to point out that providing buttons that state “Link Here” (or something similar) can facilitate this process (after all, the easier you make it for people to use your site, the more likely it is that they will use it, especially when it can benefit their own site via link building).

4 – Blog and create an RSS feed.

Going hand-in-hand with the above point, this point involves focusing on developing high-quality content via a blog and then sharing this content via an RSS feed, which can automatically post links to your blog in various places. RSS feeds can also help ensure that you get:

  • Links back to your site when other sites pick up and publish your blogs/content
  • Data on your users/content (with certain plugins) – This can help you continue to refine your blogs/content to make it as appealing as possible to your users.

5 – Get social.

Social media marketing is an important aspect of link building, as it’s key to getting exposure and distribution for your quality content. So, set up social media profiles set up on the major networks and start using them to get people looking at your content. This can help you build relationships and get links.

With this tactic, we also want to note that how engaged you are on social media matters. So:

  • Actively connect with others on these networks (including professional associations, colleagues, etc.).
  • Regularly post to your social media pages.
  • Participate in others’ posts, sharing or commenting on them. This can help them recognize you and make it more likely that they will link to your site/content in the future.

A Final Word on Link Building

While the above link building tactics are a good place to start, they are by no means the only linking strategies that may be necessary to improving a site’s traffic and rankings. To get a customized, effective link building strategy for your site – and, in turn, realize the best results from it, contact the trusted SEO professionals at Epic Web Results.

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